(2016) The Monster

I’m happy that someone made The Babadook when they did and I’m not upset that others are feeling inspired by it but this was a little too in your face.

If that doesn’t ruin the movie for you I’m sure the first half hour will give most of it away. It’s an incredibly well made film, really a ton of effort clearly went into this but its subtleties just aren’t subtle and that zaps the substance out of the film.

It’s tough to review a film like this because it’s so much better than 90% of movies I watch in terms of production and acting but ultimately I felt like it didn’t work. I guess I just have to accept that I didn’t like it and that it’s not good. It’s just unfortunate when a sizable budget horror movie fails, this genre is generally just a dumpster fire.

Don’t tweet me about the budget, I was just speculating but yeah, I didn’t like this. It had great elements but it changed tongue in cheek to tongue in asshole; still enjoyable but inevitably somewhat shameful.




Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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