(1975) Trilogy of Terror

#1 Julie

This one was pretty good, nice lil surprise switch up midway was a solid play on the ol’ fuck my teacher tale. The teacher really sold her role with this one which is the only thing that made it successful, otherwise it was kind of a bland short. Some close up penetration shots would have really classed this one up.

#2 Millicent and Therese

Predictable to anyone who’s not retarded, especially after seeing the first short.

#3 Amelia

Chucky inspiring hilariously awesome short about a little ancient Mexican doll that terrorizes this little philly in her apartment. It’s so fucking awesome and actually gave me a bit of a scare at the end. This is the type of shit that ruins your childhood.

Overall consensus is probably that this is just okay, nothing really horrid to say about it. I guess the second part sucked but even that didn’t ruin it for me. This is short, give it a watch, it’s definitely not a waste of life. The last act fucking kills it but doesn’t quite make up for the first two.




Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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