(2007) Pop Skull

There’s always going to be an inherent level or pretentiousness when you make a movie surrounding general aspects of the human condition. We’re all bred to believe that our experiences are unique to ourselves, whether it be from our environment or just through the natural process of existing. I don’t tend to buy into that bullshit filmmaking usually, especially when it comes to horror because for a movie about the woes of adolescence to be actually good, it has to really be fucking good.

Obviously the above statement applies to this film. This movie is kind of an artsy drug fueled mess that doesn’t really have an identity. I like Adam Wingard quite a bit and being that it’s an earlier film, it’s really cool to see him just go for it, even if it doesn’t work for me personally.

If you have a personal connection to substance abuse and bad breakups, by all means give this a shot.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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