(1988) The Vanishing

The Vanishing is an absolutely raw tale of abduction, almost like a Norman Rockwell imagining of an American’s European vacation turned horror story. It takes this incredibly simplistic but underlying dynamic approach to horror that’s as refreshing as it is captivating.

I don’t quite understand how this movie builds so much tension because it really tells a tale in its entirety, with not a lot left out in the process. We learn the things we want to know about the girls disappearance but it doesn’t stop there. The audience is brought into this world where we’re being shown what we didn’t ever expect to see. It kind of goes with a big theme of the movie in general which is acting against predestination. We know the clichés yet all the characters act against our expectations.

The entire movie is just genius and not even just in the way the plot is told. It’s the dialogue tempo, the music, the cinematography etc. I love this movie, maybe even more than it deserves but it rocked me from start to finish.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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