(1992) Ghostwatch

I just don’t buy these movies from the start so it makes it difficult to review them but I also don’t want to be incompetent in reviewing these repetitive piece of shit movies.

When I say repetitive, I mean this movie couldn’t have POSSIBLY preceded Paranormal Activity. That movie was so groundbreaking, wasn’t it. Oh god this is devolving into something horrid. I’m hating everything right now.

*Deep breaths* This movie is good, it’s about as good as a found footage ghost movie can be, to a 12 year old at least. That sounds like a terrible backhanded criticism but it’s not, if I saw this back in the day it would have scared my tiny nuts off.

It has fantastic child actors, big ups to them seriously, they were the shining light here.

I loved the end story, really gruesome and I guess um………………..

Can I just give this a 5/10 so I can move on with my life?

Goddammit the end was kind of dope, like really fucking dope. I loved it actually, such a non-typical reaction from the host and the distortion and ahhh.

Okay if you dig found footage ghost stories this could be top notch shit right here, believable acting, clear story and a menacing ending. You win again you found footage fucks.


Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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