(1990) Nightbreed

Nightbreed was a little too long for me and almost just too much in general. I’m not attempting to shit all over it but I think that it kind of lacked an identity.

It made me think a lot about Hellraiser actually and what made the sequels worse than the original. It’s really all about the cenobites and the actual demon/hell world just flat out looking a little goofy. Is it fun? Fuck yeah it is, tons of awesome makeup design and practical effects to boot. But the thing is, for one, it’s not fucking scary. Even more important that that, there’s no fucking scale here. The world of Midian in Nightbreed felt small and contrived to me. A big budget remake could really fix a lot of my complaints here, which is something that hurts to say, especially with Clive Barker’s name attached to the project.

The best parts of this movie are the practical effects, even if i thought the story was shit they would have held my attention. Fortunately, the story really is great. It’s a great introduction to seeing monsters as the good guys, hiding from the true evil in humanity. I just didn’t really get any of this in the execution, it was far too goofy to take seriously.

Also, David Cronenberg is awesome in this, such an unexpectedly solid performance.

It’s just too fucking long man.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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