(2012) Resolution

I can definitely understand why this one was overlooked but it’s really a shame it was. Besides being an intelligent, thought provoking horror, the two main characters have such a wonderful dynamic between each other that even if nothing happened, I would have considered that to be a leg for the film to stand on.

I have my own theories on what this is about and other have completely different ones. With any kind of semi-ambiguous film like this you’re going to have a third party that feels because everything wasn’t spoon fed to them, it’s a failure regardless of the film maker’s intention. I’m not saying I’m never part of that group but I’m happy to have bought into this movie.

It’s a fantastic tale of friendship, struggle and resolution (ahhhh). Definitely give this one a shot, I believe it’s on netflix. If you don;t like it, eh, so what; at least you’ll be an hour and 33 minutes closer to death.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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