(2016) Fender Bender

35 year old actress Cassidy Freeman from Chicago plays the incredibly unlikable 17 year old Mexican girl Jennifer in this weeks uninspired shit indie-horror bullshit.

The solid production and hip synth soundtrack didn’t even come close to saving this piece of fuck. Have you seen any home invasion movie ever? Congrats, you’ve seen this movie; just with less tits, less excitement, less creativity, less gore, less tension, less hope and less soul.

I’m fucking sick of this shit, I don’t care if this isn’t Troll fucking 2 or some gingerbread fucking cocksucker; there’s nothing worse than this regurgitated garbage. Whoever recommended this to me can take their “list of overlooked movies” and plunge it deep into their asshole.

To whoever is going to be like “wut dood no way the ending was like different”. I don’t give a shit who died at the end. Unless they jumped through the screen and killed me, this had no chance at being successful.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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