(2012) The Lords of Salem

I’m a fairly big Zombie fan so I really went into this movie with a decent amount of excitement, despite the mostly negative reception its received.

For most of the movie I was enthralled in Zombie’s bold direction. It’s an ambitious attempt at creating a unique arthouse style atmospheric horror film. The soundtrack and photography direction are both fantastic and on a technical level, I felt it worked beautifully.

Where the film really falls apart is in the last act. It was almost like Zombie was saying, “Do you hate this yet? *something even weirder happens* How about now?”. It’s just a series of outlandish creative decisions that for me, ruin the movie. It’s really a shame because with a better ending, I believe this would be one of his stronger films.

Also, once all that madness at the end is over, we get this incredibly ambiguous ending that I frankly just straight up don’t understand.




Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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