(2016) Pet

I have to really blurt this out quickly before I lost my train of thought so let me tell you why this movie both over reaches and under reaches simultaneously.

First off, the beginning of this-

Oh this is a stalker/abduction movie by the way.

Anyways, the beginning is solid. It’s actually above average in my opinion as far as initial stalker vibes are concerned. That’s due in part to Dominic Monaghan, he plays the shy part very naturally which to me, might very well be the most important part of a stalker persona.

So the movie proceeds as you would expect it too and then halfway it decides to shoot for the starts with a big twist which actually works. It doesn’t work in the M. Night primetime era fashion but it works in the context of the film. The change of pace elevates the storyline and I was sort of like edging at this point. I don’t want to call the finale a ruined orgasm but it didn’t really pop for me.

I honestly think the girl in the cage, the “pet” was just a really mediocre actress. I don’t even know. Oh shit that was that Jennette McCurdy? Wasn’t she the chick in her bra/panties posing all sexy on the bed in those leaked celebrity nudes? How the fuck is that part of the fappening? That’s SFW as far as I’m concerned. I’d give her leaks a 4/10 and I’m factoring that into this review. It’s goddamn toxic to nude pics in general. I’m 27 bitch, you think I still get turned on by that shit? Spread apart those butt cheeks and let daddy see the holes. *wipes foam from mouth*



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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