(1978) Magic

It’s sort of redundant to talk about Anthony Hopkins playing a role well because he plays every role well. I will note that this particular performance felt like the foundation for the entire movie. He was just perfect for the role and his speech patterns/body language added tons of anxiety ridden tension as the story progressed.

It’s an incredibly under appreciated psychological horror of the 70’s and feels like a textbook example of how to-

You know what, it’s fucking good dude. Anthony Hopkins rules in it, the doll is pretty damn creepy and up until the last moments, I’m still questioning if the fucking thing is real or not. You have the goofy kill-all-the-witnesses-to-hide-the-crime antics as well as a bunch of other shit that makes this thrilling.

Great fucking ending too, shit really unravels and the last line that Margret-Ann delivers is so fucking perfect. Also, goddamn that woman has some specular meat balloons. Is 27 too old for breastfeeding? I’m asking for myself because I’d love to suck on those big juicy tits like I was trying to get the last few drops out of a Capri-Sun.


Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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