(2010) Undocumented

This is an interesting premise, probably more interesting given the state of our country (US) right now but ultimately it devolves into a run of the mill torture bullshit.

I’m not saying these kind of movies are bad or anything, I’m just saying that if you thought you were going to get some thought provoking horror about illegal immigration, you’re out of luck.

It’s kind of entertaining and does have a few particular moments that stood out to me. It’s weirdly a little too bleak to be drinking-movie worthy but not intelligent to keep me all that interested sober. The kid from Eurotrip is solid in it though, not an outstanding performance or anything but I’d like to see him in more horror movies. His acting remained really restrained and his written character was easy to identify with.

Besides everything I already mentioned, something still felt off about the whole thing, can’t really put my finger on it.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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