(2011) The Woman

Sorry for the delay in posts these past two days, my laptop decided to shit the bed unfortunately. I really wish I got to change my homepage from PornHub before I had to take it in to get repaired but hey, hindsight is 20-20, right?

The Woman is a surprisingly effective horror movie that’s just as perverse as it is weird. I can’t help but feel like most of what I loved about this film, happened to be accidental. Of course I’d have to watch this directors other films to know for sure. There was just all this weird shit like incredibly generic alternative music as the soundtrack. There’s random detours in camera work style and the general foundation of the film, at least creativity feels unstable. This really works to the movies advantage in that it physically made me uncomfortable. I’m so used to watching movies that I can kind of mentally match the speed of whatever type of film I’m watching but not with this one.

Of course all these quirks don’t always amount to something. One example would be the teacher, who is played by a woman with seemingly little to no acting experience. Every single scene she’s in is bogged down by her performance and feels very b-movie quality.

The rest of the acting was fairly strong with a shoutout to Angela Bettis who’s kind of a knockoff Rachel Weisz. Her performance was restrained throughout most of the film until the final moments where she truly shines. I like her, she’s good.

All-in-all I’d say this movie did indeed surprise me. It’s a tad bit jumbled, a whole lot of strange but something that feels very unique.


Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

3 thoughts on “(2011) The Woman”

  1. I believe Angela Bettis played Carrie on TV back in 2002. At least this flick had a professional actor in it. I like to watch these types of movies late at night. Sometimes they are like cautionary tales of how not to make a film. Then I sit there dumbfounded thinking how in the Fraggle Rock did this piece of shite get made?


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