(2016) Sacrifice

Sacrifice is basically a modern day The Wicker Man, if you’ve seen that and liked it, maybe you’ll like this. The townspeople sure are up to something fishy!

On a technical level it’s fine, it looks okay and the acting is whatever.

I guess it’s just kind of stupid, nothing really makes sense. I mean, it makes goddamn sense as in, I understand it. There’s just completely unfounded motivations behind a lot of the characters behavior. Subtlety is the most important virtue for a film like this and they pissed it out the window.

I can’t say it was a rough watch or anything, it kept me somewhat engaged throughout. Unfortunately by the end I realized I was being served some unoriginal bullshit. This was a random Netflix pick so I deserve this.

This is kind of a dud to close out 2016 but I hope everyone has an awesome New Years. Unless I magically conjure up friends, a worthwhile career and a meaningful existence; you can bet your sweet tits we’ll be keeping this movie-a-day streak going. Cheers!



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

3 thoughts on “(2016) Sacrifice”

  1. Glad to hear the movie fest will continue. The Wicker Man was certainly an interesting movie and then Nic Cage got a hold of it. The IMDB synopsis almost sounds like a plot right out of the old Night Stalker series with Darren McGavin or an X File episode. I can see where that premise might run thin if it is stretched to a full length feature.


    1. I haven’t seen the Nic Cage remake but I hear it’s just terrible haha. Yeah, it was somewhat entertaining but not nearly original enough to old my interest for too long.

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      1. Yes, God love Nic but he peaked at Leaving Las Vegas & since then is struggling. Sacrifice seems like a good idea….like so many Hollywood movies. I would LOVE to be in their pitch meetings.


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