(1976) God Told Me To

I’ve erased what I’ve written about this movie like 10 times now so let’s just chill out and talk about this casually. What we have here is a great, story driven sci-fi exploitation horror film.

Larry Cohen is a huge name in the horror community and has put out a billion films. However, this one definitely felt a bit different. Even though I know his style fairly well, I went through the entire movie sort of unaware of where he was taking it. Just given the fact that the suspense aspect of the movie was done with such finesse, I’m pretty sure I would have been satisfied with any number of endings.

The particular ending Larry chose though, really surprised me. He takes all this religious subtlety and blows it all up for the finale into a very Cronenberg style conclusion. Despite all the veils seemingly being lifted at once, I still found myself unsure of what to think during some of those pivotal scenes. After the credits rolled, I was damn sure I was into it.

What a weird, unique film. This is is definitely one of Cohen’s stronger projects and I highly suggest checking it out.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

5 thoughts on “(1976) God Told Me To”

  1. This premise sounds very intriguing. Now I want to check out this film to find out about the “Christ like” figure that keeps appearing. At first the synopsis I read in IMDB seemed like a Deliver Us from Evil storyline. It does have some legit actors in it. Sandy Dennis, who I believe won an Academy Award for Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf. You keep coming up with terrific little hidden gems, Ben.

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      1. I love endings like that. I will have to find this film.
        All of this vintage horror talk is reminding me to rewatch The Legend of Hell House & Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things!


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