(2016) Under the Shadow

It’s a very culturally and contemporarily atmospheric paranormal story set in a very turbulent 80’s Iran…Iraq? I apologize for the confusion.

Anyways, I wasn’t entirely blown away by this movie and I don’t necessarily share the sentiments that it competes with The Babadook. However, I was thoroughly impressed and the substance it had was genuine

I found the most value in the time period switches, which would admittedly become confusing for those not aware of the 80’s Iran/Iraq revolution. It’s sort of an extreme cultural regression that’s been long forgotten by now.

As for the conclusion of the movie, it was strong. Not every shot hit for me and those moments did take me out of the zone. The complaints are minimal though, this is definitely a strong film and deserves a watch. It’s dense but it’s well paced. Don’t expect The Conjuring but shit does get going eventually.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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