(1997) The Cure

Kurosawa directed my favorite Asian horror film to date Kairo (Pulse), so this one was highly anticipated for me.

The Cure or Cure, whatever the fuck it’s called, is an original take on a somewhat classic premise. Even though this was an early horror film for Kurosawa, the main setup of consecutive murders from multiple perpetrators with mysterious motives, has of course been done before. However, the mood of this movie coupled with the rest of the plot, really helps make this film feel original.

The scares are well intertwined with the story and they feel like powerful moments when they hit. This isn’t in any way, despite gruesome moments, a splatter fest. I’d categorize this as a horror version of a normal crime drama.

Overall, there were moments where I was pretty blown away but the movie itself did feel like an early film for Kurosawa, which is completely fine. I feel the same way about a lot of the early works of other directors which I admire. This is still better than 90% of other horror movies and worth a watch if you’re into the horror/crime/mystery setup. I’m in no way saying anything bad about this movie, it just didn’t hit hard emotionally like Pulse did. It’s still incredibly fleshed out with all the answers and lore to bring depth to its final conclusion.

If you haven’t seen a Kurosawa film, you really need to experience his gut-wrenching depressive atmosphere first hand. This is a great fucking movie, me rambling on about it really isn’t doing it justice.


Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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