(1993) Body Snatchers

This is a totally capable Invasion of the Body Snatchers remake. It has tons of excellent body horror and stays fairly true to the original concept.

The 90’s of course had plenty of lingering 80’s horror goofiness and I think those moments do kind of take this out of the running for being a truly creepy version of the story. Where it lacks in genuine scares, it makes up for in fast paced, fun thrills.

All in all, some very solid performances and practical effects. They could have done just fine fucking off with Gabrielle Anwar’s monologues but they did show her naked so that sort of makes up for it. Actually, the ending is kind of cheesy in general, it really reminds me that I’m not watching the Donald Sutherland version. Even Forrest Whittaker doesn’t quite know how to play his role, which is hilarious.

There definitely wasn’t any masterful direction taking place here but I’d still recommend it. I had a ton of fun watching it, despite its flaws.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

One thought on “(1993) Body Snatchers”

  1. I think I saw this years ago. You are right. Forest seemed horribly lost like he wandered onto the wrong film set or something. I like Gabrielle. She was also terrific on tv’s Burn Notice. For fun, I may have to pick this up again.

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