(2010) Cold Fish

I’m just going to talk about this in an honest way, feel free to check out other shit regarding this movie, I can’t imagine I caught everything in that 2 and 1/2 hour fiasco.

It’s a good fucking movie. I keep hearing it as a black comedy but I’m just not really seeing it. It’s pretty fucked up. It’s also too long. It’s way too fucking long.

It has a really creepy narrative but the shock value wears off too quickly. It’s just simply too fucking long. I’ll counter any goddamn argument with “it’s too fucking long”.

I wouldn’t recommend this movie because it’s way too fucking long.

That last line was obviously supposed to be the sinker but you know what? The transformation of our main character at the end was too fucking short. Two and a half hours and then all of the sudden- I wont ruin anything.

So yeah, it’s too long. I did appreciate the ample nudity and tastefully done rape scenes. The main villain is an unbelievably annoying sinister bastard that’s a huge shining light on he film. Everyone else is sort of whatever.

It’s too long.


Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

2 thoughts on “(2010) Cold Fish”

  1. So Ben. Is it a long film? LOL. It sounds like the Kevin Costner directed version where everything is 3.5 hours long. In order to hold my interest, a film has to have something happening for that period of time. Fucked up may cut it for 90 but after the 90 mark, you’re pressing it.

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    1. Yeah I completely agree, I have nothing against long movies but there’s only so much torture/gore I can enjoy before it gets repetitive. 90 minutes sounds about right for me too.

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