(2013) Mama

Alright so this is a typical ghost story, they’re all the same. Spooky shit happens, they have to find the source of the spooky shit, a quick burst of extra spooky shit and then happily ever after. I don’t give a fuck how many bells and whistles you put on it, this is the formula and it fucking sucks. It’s been overdone to death and I hate it.

Beyond my personal gripe with films of that nature, this one is particularly stupid. The brother’s character literally served zero purpose. The other characters behave nonsensically. The best one though…Mama’s face when they finally show her up close.

A tense, promising opening led to nothing but laughs. I guess check this out if you’re either 12 years old or looking for a good laugh. This is really an embarrassment for Guillermo Del Toro to stamp his name on, not that I have any clue to his level of involvement.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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