(2007) Sublime

The iMDB description is wordy so let me just clear up the premise. It’s about a man (Tom Cavanagh) who goes in for a routine colonoscopy and they do the ol’ switcharoo; end up accidentally give him a different man’s procedure.

It’s definitely a psychological horror and one that almost exploits a huge trend of malpractice suits. I’m not saying doctors were shittier in the 2000’s but there was a huge lawsuit boom which attracts the media and yeah, you get the idea. Fear of malpractice is a real thing and probably an actual tangible fear unfortunately. It can be difficult to put a lot of trust in a stranger who’s about to drug you up and snake a long camera up your ass.

Cavanaugh puts on a great performance here. One of my guilty pleasure shows in The Flash, which is where I was introduced to him and I’ve been semi-following him ever since.

I’m obviously not going to reveal to much but it’s a solid movie. It’s dense and emotional, following a more surreal approach to horror filmmaking. I don’t necessarily agree with some creative decisions, especially towards the end but they’re not gigantic hangups.

Overall, I’d say the deep meaning the filmmakers are pushing isn’t quite as deep as they think it is. However, it’s still an effective horror movie and definitely deserves a watch.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

3 thoughts on “(2007) Sublime”

  1. Color me intrigued because now I want to know what procedure poor Tom gets subjected to! Do you remember him in the show Ed? He was also on Scrubs as JD’s older brother. I wasn’t aware that he did a horror movie. I will check this out.

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    1. Yes! That’s what I saw him in first, Scrubs. I’ve seen Ed but can’t remember it all that well.

      Sublime is worth checking out. It’s a directorial debut for a guy who was a producer on a quite a few different movies, including Mulholland Drive. You can definitely see the influence. It was interesting at least, definitely not perfect.

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