(2007) Frontier(s)

I apologize for the half-assed review because I’m sick right now but what a depressing movie. I’m not sure I really enjoyed this all too much.

It’s basically The Texas Chainsaw Massacre with a different setup. There’s a heavy as fuck grey filter on everything which can be draining to look at. Filmmakers need to seriously chill with that, it’s really fucking boring to endure.

It’s not a lazy film or anything, it’s genuinely brutal as all hell. Actually, I do have something positive to say about this film. It depicts neo-nazi’s in a very unique way, as apposed to the majority of films who delve into naziism. This isn’t a family of white trash drawing swastikas on their walls with a sharpie. This family really makes use of the Nazi’s entire evil arsenal.

This could use some trimming up for sure but I’ll admit, while it isn’t my cup of liquor, it’s not bad.




Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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