(2006) Them

Coming in hot with the third French horror movie in a row!

Let’s just bang out the positives before shutting the coffin here. The setting was alright and the acting was adequate.

All the bad in this movie can be summed up by saying it’s just another cookie cutter home invasion movie. I have no idea if the events were true, it seemed to claim them to be or something? Either way, the big reveal wasn’t intertwined with the rest of the movie therefor it added nothing. You know what a big reveal is? It’s that what the fuck moment where the entire movie flashes before your eyes, stopping at clues along the way that you missed, completing the circle of life that is M. Night Shalamanamism.

It’s a shorter film that I will admit is tense and scary, assuming you’ve never seen a horror movie before. If you’re like me and have seen a horror movie before, this one adds nothing to our universe.


Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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