(2014) Alléluia

I loved Calvaire and was really looking forward to watching this one from Belgian director Fabrice Du Welz.

This film, just like Calvaire, is extremely character driven. Welz’s interpretation of the real life Lonely Hearts Killers is pretty interesting. When I usually think of serial killers I think of calculated killers acting with sociopathic tendencies. In the case of Alléluia, the killers are wrought with emotion and they’re just disgustingly unstable.

It’s a gritty tale of heartbreak, loneliness, jealousy, greed and obsession. It’s just fucking real, the kills feel impulsive and impactive. It’s also shot in this dirty format where both killer’s (the woman more so) physical appearances degrade as the film progresses.

That’s basically it, truly dark tale and just an excellent movie all around. There’s so many powerful moments but I just wanted to let everyone know to let the credits roll a bit. There’s a short scene cut up with the beginning of the end credits that I think works as a brilliant ending.

A quick shoutout to my beautiful girlfriend for not impulsively murdering the girl in our most recent threesome. I’m not saying that would have kept me from finishing but it definitely would have killed the mood a bit.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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