(1982) Q

Another Larry Cohen film here and really not much different from It’s Alive, or many other films of his to be honest. It’s alright.

While Q is entertaining at times, the acting is a little sporadic and strange. To some extent that’s its most positive attribute. Michael Moriarty’s character is good but it’s almost like his performance just doesn’t belong in the film.

The effects are pretty subpar, even for other films in this class. I don’t even know, I’m high, it’s not that good.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

5 thoughts on “(1982) Q”

  1. If memory serves me correctly, Ben, this was a horrible film. I remember back then Candy Clark was the chick in every movie. They thought she was sexy because I believe she was a former porn star. David Carradine, well not much to say there. Good review!

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