(1972) Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead People

Thanks again to Susan for another solid recommendation. This movie is both playfully shitty and satisfyingly demented.

I love the look of it in general. It’s super grainy and the make-up effects are sort of rushed and dirty. While those may sound like negative aspects, they actually give the film a lot of character.

Coupled with its unique look, this movie also takes a bit of a different approach to zombies. They’re not really traditional in the aspect of the undead being a product of disease. Of course coupled with that is the usually biting and spreading of it. The undead in this film are simply the undead. They’re motive to kill isn’t apparent but that’s okay, we get the idea.

When I say the movie is playfully shitty, I really mean it is kind of shitty. The plot really isn’t all that apparent until halfway through the movie and the pacing in general just seems odd at times. They’re things I noticed but they didn’t necessarily bother me.

This is pure b-movie fun right here and it’s just kind of an Easter Egg basket for small quirks that were totally unusual for early 70’s horror movies. Just remember to keep in mind that the laughs are intentional! It’s absolutely worth your time.

It’s a shame the director Bob Clark passed away before remaking this one. This would have been absolutely perfect for a remake.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

5 thoughts on “(1972) Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead People”

  1. Actually, they were talking to the Supernatural people to do the remake of this flick. So glad you enjoyed this one, Ben. It is shitty but that B movie delightful shitty. I recommend drinking and watching it. Trust me, it makes it even better. 😉


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