(1983) Christine

Unless you’re familiar with John Carpenter it’s virtually impossible to explain how good this film is after prefacing its plot. It’s about a killer car after all.

The movie is perfect though, it really is. It’s campy, the effects are incredible and while it doesn’t explicitly deliver a meaningful message, it embodies everything that’s horror to me. This pretty much applies to all Carpenter films, he just gets horror where a lot of directors don’t.

I already said it’s campy so I’m not going to go on about performances but the plot itself validates them. To me, this is just a perfect film. A perfect, 9/10 film.

This review is so fucking lackluster so let me just reiterate that the effects are fucking awesome and so ahead of their time. I actually can’t figure out how they did all the shit in this movie without a fairly hefty budget and even then, it’s still a technical feat.

I fucking love Christine.


Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

One thought on “(1983) Christine”

  1. I finally saw Christine for the first time like a month ago. It really is awesome, and absolutely works on levels above and beyond camp value (though the camp is there and a lot of fun). Just more proof that John Carpenter is the man.


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