(1995) The Addiction

I always beat my meat for the short and sweet. The Addiction gets straight to the point while delivering a powerful message about addiction.

I’m not sure why film history has glorified New York City as a beacon for crime and sin but it serves as an excellent backdrop for this arthouse style horror. It’s gritty, dirty and coincides with a lot of the darker human aspects that are being exposed.

“To face what we are in the end, we stand before the light and our true nature is revealed. Self-revelation is annihilation of self.”

On it’s surface, this is an excellent vampire film. It’s not a bloodbath per say but every scene of violence pops well. Lot of themes come with a movie about addiction of course. Addictions are really only ever overcome by redemption and sacrifice. the main character Kathleen has to come to some pretty fate affirming revelations to be able to be at peace.

This is an excellent film. It borders on pretentious occasionally but I believe all the grandiose points being made, end up being validated.


Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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