(1997) Alien: Resurrection

Holy shit that was so ridiculous, definitely the most outrageous Alien movie I’ve ever seen (from the series).

First off, Ron Perlman is fantastic. The entire cast is so colorful that it ends up being this goofy, steampunk-ish gang of rejects which I didn’t really appreciate. I just end up thinking “how the fuck did any of these assholes get jobs on an interstellar space ship?” Ron’s character doesn’t deviate from this but what he does, he does so well that I have to commend it, even if it doesn’t fit my own little personal vision.

The effects are unreal, this is so fucking gory and just fucking *anal fisting motion*, you know what I mean? It absolutely goes too far for a good portion of horror fans and even fans of the Alien series. By the end, this body horror spectacle gets so insane that it’s seemingly impossible to take seriously, not that it takes away from the enjoyment.

One of the worst things about this film is everything surrounding AI and androids. I’m not even a science fiction buff nor do I feel married to realism but they put zero effort into taking the human aspect out of the androids. I get that some of you think that’s the whole point, that these aren’t primitive robots but the past films already did it perfectly. You can seem human and even have a human effect on the movie itself while still separating yourself. Sorry I’m rambling, I really just wanna say fuck <insert actors/actresses name> (no spoilers), she’s an awful fucking android.

One of the best things about the movie are the Xenomorphs! They’re fucking terrifying here and very powerful. The film also addresses their intelligence the most successfully. I stopped thinking of them as nippy little space bugs and more so as an intelligent alien race.

Is it weird that I’m getting super excited right now realizing how awesome this movie is? Another thing this movie addresses is the the sheer amount of pain and suffering Ripley has endured throughout the series. Her setup as a half android is pretty great, it allows her to keep that intensity and focus that she’s known for. It also makes it twice as powerful the first time we see her start to regain memory and get flooded with horror. I’m thinking of a specific scene and Sigourney Weaver is just incredible in that moment.

The ending is so ridiculous that it catches even seasoned horror fans off guard. It reminds me of the finale of Brian Yuzna’s Society. It’s borderline hard to like initially because your gut reaction is to just think it’s stupid. It’s only when the credits roll that you realize the masterpiece you just saw.

Let this one linger. One of the best aspects of the series in general is how incredibly different each movie is in tone. If you didn’t enjoy this one the first time around, get a little stoned, crack a beer and give it another shot.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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