(1979) The Driller Killer

This is ended up being way better than I could have ever expected. At first glance it seems like a typical popcorn slasher indicative of this era but it’s more than that. I wouldn’t even bother reading the premise because I don’t even think it really explains the main motives in this film.

It’s less of a flipped switch that turns on our killers instincts and more of an intense downward spiral. That’s really what separates this from any generic slasher, it’s about the decaying sanity of the protagonist and not about the body count.

There’s some minor bullshit like victims putting up little to no resistance but beyond that, Abel Ferrara crafts an excellent horror film. Even more important, his performance in the movie is commendable

If you’re up for some dirty, violent arthouse horror then definitely give this one a shot. It seems to far okay among horror fans but I believe it’s pretty underrated in general.


Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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