(2009) [Rec] 2

The biggest thing that impressed me with this sequel is how seamlessly they integrated it in with the first film. It was honestly almost like they shot both movies back too back. This is perfect for a double feature.

As far as the meat and bones of this cocksucker go, it’s a lot more violent then the first. That’s almost necessary though since they’re basically just extending the original story. It’s much more action focused as the story evolves to become more in depth in terms of the supernatural.

Something that I picked up on but didn’t necessarily get hung up on was the characters likability. The new characters introduced really never make an attempt to stand out so it’s hard to feel any real connection to any one of the deaths that occur. I think it knocks the film down a half-peg but hey, it’s a sequel, what do you expect?

All-in-all, solid movie with awesome effects. I’d definitely say the first film is a prerequisite to watching this but both are really fast paced and easy to binge.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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