(2016) The Love Witch

Anna Biller nailed the look of 1960’s dramas like Bewitched and that’s where the film shines. It’s gorgeous and the photography is commendable. Unfortunately, it runs way too long and feels like it desperately needs to be trimmed up.

It’s not just too long but there’s these kind of weird acting quirks where Biller seems to be directing people to act intentionally strange to fit the style. It ends up just kind of taking me out of the zone. I think she really needs to learn that when recreating a period piece, you’d ideally like to leave the shit aspects of 60’s filmmaking behind. After all, this is much more horror orientated film then the likes of shows like Bewitched so the threshold seal has been broken on modern innovation.

I feel really confident about my acting complaints because there were opportunities where I got to see those weird moments actually work in the context of the film. Jeffrey Vincent Parise’s performance is hands down the most impressive in the entire movie. His scene with the “Witch” is mesmerizingly funny. That’s where the other performances differ, they’re not actually funny or stand out.

All in all, while this was a really difficult movie for me to review, I stand by my main complaint. It’s just too long and very difficult to enjoy past the first hour/hour and a half. Let me know what you guys thought of this one.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

5 thoughts on “(2016) The Love Witch”

  1. Every review I have seen praises this movie. I haven’t seen it as of yet, so I will reserve judgment. Sometimes, it is ok to do a gentle nod to the period that your movie is set in, however, when it becomes obtrusive, then it becomes pretentious. Good review, Ben.

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    1. Yeah that was pretty much my thought but I can’t think of any other modern horror movies that capture that era as well so it’s definitely worth a watch. It just runs a little long and as a result has a lot of unnecessary scenes.

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