(2015) I Am a Hero

I Am a Hero was ultra intense and ultra fun. I think the modern era was destined to leave Fulci’s slow moving corpse zombies behind for a more vicious breed that filmmakers can experiment with. With that being said, I haven’t seen too much innovation in that department since Dawn of the Dead. The zombies in this movie are lively, original and aggressive.

This film is that breath of fresh ass that I needed. On it’s surface it just looks incredible and even the potentially overused amount of CGI was done with care. Once you peel apart those cheeks you really end up looking at a borderline cute story of a Manga writer living through one of his stories. Now I don’t know what Manga is because I’m not a fuccin nerd *flexes* but I got the idea of it by the end.

All cute backstories aside, it’s easy to compare this film to Train to Busan, given that they’re both asian horror films, 2 hours long and peppered with emotional shit. Well boys, I’ll always side with the film that leans less towards drama and more towards horror so I Am a Hero is the clear winner for me. I think even with a less compelling script, it had 1000 times more life than Train to Busan.

Both movies are dope, awesome double feature.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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