(2005) Strange Circus

Whenever I see a really great movie or listen to a really great song, I get this tingling in my cheeks. It’s a feeling of fully experiencing everything something great has to offer. Certain films I simply enjoy while other great films just initially intrigued me but this is one I just really fucking lived through.

Anyways, all bullshit personal feelings aside, Sion Sono is an incredible director. I think everyone mutually agrees that Suicide Club is a good movie but I felt a bit out of place thinking it was an incredible movie. If you wanna peep my rant you should search that one out on here. I’m not going to do the same for this one, don’t worry.

Strange Circus fills all my horror holes of morbid depravity and in a miraculously graceful fashion. Much like Suicide Club, it presents itself in a gorgeously grainy, bleak fashion that draws special attention to the moments of bold color. It’s a technique that works really well for a film that initially inspires multiple narratives.

Sometimes when I get into a movie that surrounds any form of sexual assault, there’s this lingering pretension that the filmmaker is trying to say something specific. While I totally respect that and think recent films of the sort such as The Babadook are powerful and important, nothing will beat pure horror to me. This film takes an idea and expands on it to an inconceivable level, beyond any one characters personal pain. The situation as a whole remains the focus and inspires downright unholy levels of disgust.

I’ll tell you straight up, just re-reading this review I sound way too biased. It’s undoubtable that in my experience of being floored by this film, it caused me to overlook at least some small problems. If you have any complaints, send them my way.

I recommend this movie for daddy daughter dates and nothing else.


Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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