(2009) Mutants

Despite the sickeningly annoying color palette, this films comes off fairly brash, just tossing shit in your face every single minute. It’s the movies strongest attribute, despite it being sort of a negative criticism.

It’s really a shame about the glorified Instagram filter they put on this because the special makeup effects are commendable.

This just overall didn’t have a big enough vision to keep me entertained for a feature length film. There was definitely sequences that stood out as great, to which I’ll reflect in the score but my overall impression wasn’t good.


Terrible fucking stupid blue/grey filter ruins the entire fucking movie.


Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

6 thoughts on “(2009) Mutants”

      1. Good point, he uses it well, varies the technique and it always seems purposeful. It’s tough to describe, it just works for some films. For others it seems nonchalantly applied to try and cheaply manipulate an audience’s emotions and it always ends up being just an eye strain for me.

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