(2017) Devil in the Dark

I’m kind of speechless right now. This is without a doubt a criminally underrated movie. Just for reference, this has a fucking 4.4/10 on iMDB right now.

It had its cliches in terms of characters and setups but my god are they nothing really but a blindside to what this film really is. The CGI is terrible, ripped me out completely for a moment but still, 4.4? People need to seriously just fuck right off.

I loved this shit; it’s timid, methodical but ultimately chilling. Excellent job to everyone involved. I watched it with the lights off with great headphones. The sound and picture were both great. The story itself was spine chilling in a short story sense, in that nothing was ever really explained. I love that though.

The characters are natural and believable. There’s never too much detail about anything and thats the way this film was designed.

Great movie. I’m totally fucking psyched to put a 4.4/10 movie on my year end list. It took a stupid fucking concept that was so unoriginal and made it scary. I can’t give enough props to these guys, there’s just a general vibe I got from this movie that was hard to describe.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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