(2015) The Devil’s Candy

Fantastic fucking movie. It’s loud, energetic and dirty but not without substance. Sean Byrne is following up his 2009 hit The Loved Ones here and in my opinion, improves upon his earlier work with this film.

As far as this film itself goes, like I said, it looks and sounds fantastic. Pruitt Taylor Vince looks straight out of a horror survival video game.

This is a strange type of horror film for me because I believe on a minimalistic level, it can be praised by almost anyone but when you try and break it apart, it might start to divide people. There’s tons of religious imagery and while a lot of the characters symbolism seems painted on their face, the true motives behind each one’s actions can seem clouded.

Regular readers know that this site isn’t for spoilers; I have my own interpretation of the film that I’m content with and others will form their own. This is not a film to miss though. Sean Byrne is back baby, get those greasy fingers in a bowl of popcorn and toss this one on. There’s plenty to love here for everyone.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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