(2014) Exists

I just think bigfoot is fucking stupid but I will admit this was at least better than Willow Creek.

I’ll always respect Eduardo Sanchez for The Blair Witch Project and giving found footage films the much needed jump start. However, what in the ever loving fuck was he thinking when he wrote these characters? The black guy was the biggest fucking cunt imaginable. It’s always fun to root for the cunt to die but this dude was just unrealistic. They’re all kind of like that for the first half of the movie. I’ve never given less of a shit about an entire cast before.

The second half does pick up a little. Trying to ignore my personal gripes with bigfoot in general, he looked…”alright” here. The pace picks up a little and there’s a really great nighttime scene.

It’s nothing special but I guess if you like bigfoot then it’s alright.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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