(1985) Come and See

Thanks to whoever recommended this to me. I had my doubts that I could make a war drama relevant to my blog but this film was more horrific than 90% of what I review on here.

Come and See is a raw and sobering look at WW2 from the Soviet perspective. It’s one of the least “Hollywood” war movies I’ve ever seen. Some of the scenes towards the end were truly gut wrenching and will most likely stick with me for quite some time.

On a technical aspect, I can’t think of two many action based films from the 80’s that have effects that hold up as well as these do. The movie’s plot is aided by a particularly jaded, depressive looking landscape but the practical effects are what really sell the realism.

This was definitely one of the best war films I’ve seen period and has some genuinely disturbing content that I think most Holocaust films tend to stray from.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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