(1976) The Tenant

This was fantastic, too much to mention that would be potential plot spoilers but Polanski is actually a fine actor. It must be so nice to have a vision and be able to literally execute it yourself.

There were definitely a lot of themes borrowed from Repulsion, such as general disgust and paranoia but with an original and refreshing story. The setup seemed exceptionally natural for the time period and I could actually relate to his character.

The only other things to note were the genuine scares. I had a few definite “oh fuck” moments which is always worth mentioning.

I apologize my night is winding down and I wish I could praise this more but it’s an excellent movie with a surprising ending. I watched it in pieces due to a crazy weekend but it’s really engaging.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

3 thoughts on “(1976) The Tenant”

  1. I love this movie and have plans on revisiting it soon. Polanski has always been a favorite director of mine. I adore Chinatown. It is a real mind fuck. Fun fact: this is Bruce Campbell’s fav film! It’s great that you didn’t have any spoilers.

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