(1964) The Tomb of Ligeia

I think Vincent Price tends to steal the spotlight in literally anything he’s ever been in which is why when you talk about any Vincent Price film, it’s a “Vincent Price film”.

This one is really no different, Price is is usual spotlight stealing self except (and this isn’t the first example of this), the plot itself really lends more towards atmosphere than individual performance. Poe’s original story is vague and the plot is really just a device to open you up to that big idea of the bridge between our reality and the afterlife.

There’s limited details in the backstory that would explain exactly why the characters react the way they do to each supernatural encounter. Rather, Corman expertly deploys these fantastic dream sequences that make use of Elizabeth Shepard’s solid acting. Those dream sequences are actually a little creepy. I’m not talking fucking spine tingling like some of these old school film dick riding hipsters write about but you know, I just get a bit of that feeling and think “oh shit, that’s pretty cool”.

Alright , I’m fucking lost here. Basically my point was that this is a good movie even without Price’s acting but he’s still his usual enjoyable self. The film just isn’t solely relying on his on screen presence, which is an absolute fact for many of his other goofier projects.

Anyways, it’s good shit, I dug it. Plenty of interesting stylistic choices for the early 60’s, at least enough to keep me entertained.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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