(1983) Eyes of Fire

This was so fucking cool man. For anyone who appreciates awesome 80’s special effects, stop reading and jump right in. For the skeptics, I’ll get the bullshit out of the way first.

This is a very moody film. The visuals are grainy and seem purposely muddled to add some authenticity to technically limited special effects. Everything blends into that moody theme and the plot isn’t excluded. Moments of “how did we even get here?” are prevalent and thus, if you’re a person who enjoys a more linear story, this might not be your bag of jizz so to speak. This isn’t a negative though, in fact it’s that dreamlike-ness that drew me in.

It’s also super unique. It’s like a supernatural witch film with conjured up dead indians but also set as kind of a period piece. I’d almost love to see this redone.

I liked it, not too much else to say. Did we cover everything? Oh, the acting is alright, nothing stand out but nothing to detract from the experience either. Solid stuff right here.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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