(1978) The Shout

The Shout masquerades as a quick pitched horror idea but really, this film is a horrific, non-linear rabbit hole for psychotic delusion and crisis of identity.

This may be the first film I’ve seen, attempt to explain, without explaining, why someone compelled to walk on all fours is so creepy. It embraces physical manifestations of discomfort with artful tactic, constantly using suggestion over explanation.

Our protagonist Anthony seems to suffer from a serious inferiority complex. It’s not something that’s readily apparent and because of this, his patience with our villain Charles, seems almost silly at first. This complaint for me was very quickly washed away when I realized the complex nature of their relationship, as well as the jumbled timeline of the film itself.

The ending is something so ahead of its time. It can easily be criticized or written off completely as being overly confusing but I believe it was very much intentionally left to interpretation.

I’m fucking blown away, absolute incredible film.


Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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