(1994) Without Warning

Keeping in vague baby, the underdog TV-movie’s biggest asset. That kind of applies to life in general though right? I feel like the more you talk the more likely you are just to start spewing bullshit, hence this blog, sorry.

This is dope though, not too dope, but dope. It’s not really that suspenseful and the entire spectacle is full of asinine bullshit but some conspiracy nut. It cut the realism factor a bit but then again, the public loves aliens (myself included).

You might want to iMBD this at this point because I’ve explained nothing. Jane Kaczmarek is in this though and she’s actually pretty okay. It’s tough to think of her outside of Malcolm in the Middle but I did my best.

This is totally worth watching though and a decent copy in its entirety is on YouTube. These TV disaster movies are great. I’m giving it a lower rating just because of the general shittiness of it but it still gets a thumbs up.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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