(2016) Quarries

I love being able to say that I think this is a bit underrated. The actual plot is seemingly contrived out of nothing. Oh god it’s so retarded now that I’m trying to rationalize it.

What I really meant to praise was the woman. It was a horror movie about woman and the woman fucking killed it. I’m super impressed. They actually elevated this movie beyond what it should have been.

I can’t say I recommend it but I also don’t think it was a waste of my time, the iMDB rating is far too low.



(2017) Redwood

This is a really bad movie but there were a few aesthetically pleasing shots. Overall, the premise was promising but this film would have needed a boatload more talent to pull it off.

Tatjana Nardone was actually a pretty commendable actress here. They really didn’t give her anything to work with but her on-screen presence felt natural and reminded me a lot of Emmy Rossum actually.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Mike Beckingham is just a cunt all around. I hated his acting, as well as his fictional character.


(1993) Return of the Living Dead 3

The entire special effects team undoubtedly got the thumbs up from Brian Yuzna on this one. It’s such a fantastic sequel to a series that seemed dedicated to devolve into ridiculousness.

If you’re a fan of body horror and over-the-top practical effects, this one is 100% for you.


(2012) The Battery

I was super surprised by this film, definitely indie but it held my attention better than most zombie apocalypse movies.

Jeremy Gardner was the best of this film, both in acting and directing. The more isolated he made it, the more I felt it succeeded.

I don’t know what else to say, this is a really smart movie. They took an overused idea and managed to craft an interesting series of moments. It’s full of realness, tension and revenge.

I really like this one and I love the artwork as well.



(2010) Rammbock

I thought this was pretty dumb. The grey aesthetic is about as boring and played out as everything else in the film.

I will say the actual mechanics of the virus in this film are interesting and I feel could be impactful in the hands of either a more experienced director or larger budget.

It’s not terrible, it’s just not good either.



(2018) Hereditary

This was the first film I’ve seen where the hype and chatter surrounding tripped me up and absolutely effected the way I perceived it.

Much like an NBA All-Star basketball game, Ari Astor utilizes all the best aspects of recent and less-recent horror success films to craft his summer blockbuster. This film reminded me of The ConjuringA Dark Song and Donnie Darko. It works on almost every single level. It’s not just a showcase of entertainment but also incredibly detailed; speckled with foreshadowing, dynamic character relationships, twists and style.

The problem I had was that none of it felt original. I felt like I was being served up an amalgam of other director’s successes. That’s the thing though, the films you love dearly are often not the ones universally praised. It’s not even a hipster thing but we’re simply creatures who take pleasure in self-discovery. Something is always more powerful when it feel like it means something specific to you, rather than an exaggerated universal terror, iterated through every fucking headline in america.

It’s still really good though.