(2016) Better Watch Out

Better Watch Out is the first original home invasion film I’ve seen in the past decade and one of the better ones I’ve seen period. It’s listed as a horror comedy but I think, given the other films in that category, that genre placing could seem misleading. It’s a perfectly balanced horror film that, while containing some very dark comedy, still remains really fucked up.

Levi Miller and Ed Oxenbould are truly the perfect child acting pair. Levi’s performance is exceptionally stand out, mostly in the sense that he was able to convey an aura of seriousness that I rarely get from child actors.

It’s almost impossible to say anything else without spoiling the movie. Grab some popcorn and curl up to watch this one on a cold night. It’s instantly become one of my holiday favorites.




(2004) Seed of Chucky

The first thing my girlfriend said when this movie ended was, “How would you even review something like this?”. That’s the thing about a great Chucky film, they’re not easy to determine.

First off, the Child’s Play films are absolutely, totally conscientious comedies but they also attempt to be legitimate horror films as well, which is where they usually fail. I think Child’s Play 3 was the worst offender of the latter and Bride of Chucky, the most triumphant of the former.

Seed of Chucky is incredibly enjoyable but the laughs are split almost 50:50 between legitimately hilarious and absolutely retarded. It’s a bad movie, I love it, but it’s a bad movie.

Anyways, that’s all I have for you, J Tillz, Redman, stuff, things and yeah, alright.


(1998) Bride of Chucky

Yessssss, this is the shit I was looking for. Bride of Chucky is the perfect Child’s Play sequel. It’s engaging, funny and most of all, self aware.

Jennifer Tilly is fantastic and the entire storyline just really works. Totally awesome 90’s soundtrack and some great practical effects. The dolls were definitely improved here.

It’s just fun man, just fun.


(1951) Bud Abbott and Lou Costello Meet the Invisible Man

I appreciate that this was just as much an Invisible Man sequel as it was an Abbott and Costello movie.

It’s the usual funny, quirky flick you’d expect. The last boxing sequence is kind of drawn out and leaves something to be desired. As a whole though, very watchable and entertaining.


(1987) The Witches of Eastwick

Welcome to the old school, slightly more adult version of Hocus Pocus, at least in its approach.

The Witches of Eastwick is really fun though. Nicholson absolutely kills it and the girls have awesome chemistry as well. It’s produced and shot incredibly well but the dude who did….uhh, Happy Feet and the new Mad Max movies.

To be fair to the Max films, there is a dope car chase scene that’s impressively shot here. This one is an 80’s Jack gem and a great one to watch in a group. It’s easy, breezy, covergirl. Sorry, I wish I had more to say.


(2013) Pee Mak

My god, it took me forever to find proper subtitles for this one and still it seems hilariously translated. That’s alright though, it’s supposed to be funny and I could understand what was going on anyways.

I highly recommend this film if you’re in the mood for a good horror comedy. It’s surprisingly well shot and produced. The comedy is intertwined within the plot as apposed to a horror movie with random jokes tossed in.

Regular readers know I usually have close to nothing interesting to say about horror comedies, despite enjoying them. This film is the full package though, it’s funny, suspenseful and even touching at times. It’s not one to miss.