(2015) Tales of Halloween

This is like a budget Trick r’ Treat and while a small handful of the shorts have a semi-creative premise, the acting was just too bad for me to enjoy.

There’s something off about almost every single short, how does that even happen with 10 different directors? Maybe this was meant for children or something, I really don’t know but I didn’t care for it at all.

Just toss in one positive note, there was a bunch of enjoyable practical effects.


(1948) Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein

Straight up, this is a totally fun movie and the title itself really pigeon holes it because it’s basically all the Universal monsters.

This is the first Abbott and Costello film I’ve ever seen and I actually found it to be quite funny. It’s a simple story but I think that works really well with the style of humor.

The only parts I waver on from time to time is The Monster played by Glenn Strange (he’s just okay) and the visual effects which are interesting. The visual effects kind of employ some very dated animation transitions which are definitely shitty but also fucking amazing.

All in all, enjoyed this way more than I expected to. It aims sort of high and hits sort of high.


(2006) Fido

My girlfriend has seen this before so I told her I was watching it. When she asked how I liked it I said it was “charming”. That’s not a typical response from me but one that i feel accurately represents the film if you had to choose a word to describe it.

Fido is humorous and witty; while not making me laugh out loud a ton, it put a smile on my face. A lot of that is attributed to 1950’s suburbia but the film captures that era perfectly so why not praise it?

This movie kind of creates that instant universe that feels so well knows despite no background knowledge, much like The Addams Family. That’s such a remarkable quality in and of itself that the cover’s “instant classic” tagline doesn’t even seem all that silly.

If you’re just looking for a non-thinker, pure entertainment horror-comedy, look no further.


(2006) The Host

A lot of the humor in The Host┬ádidn’t particularly appeal to me as I thought the overarching drama kind of weighed that down. I recognize it as somewhat intentional but I’m writing many of these scenes off as awkward.

Some of the attempts at dark humor were in regards to how the father figure was dealing with grief. We have these really unforgiving family members that subsidize their morbid humor under the veil of 80’s style espionage gags. I think back to the scene where they’re all disguised, paying off the officer or whoever with a bag of coins and that scene just doesn’t tie into the rest of the films tone.

Another aspect I didn’t care for was the CGI monster. I’m not saying they skimped on the CGI but I was definitely not impressed. It rudely interjected the films beautiful photography and I just can’t forgive CGI water effects on top of naturally beautiful water effects.

One thing I did love was the films statement on Americans interjecting into foreign affairs. I thought it was both subtle and deliberate. In the copy I watched, after the brain procedure on one of the characters, the subtitles seemed to purposefully vanish during the translation scene and it was just amazing. The film follows up that with a few more clever jabs to make it a successful and also significant overarching theme.

Overall, I’d say The Host seems a bit jumbled to me personally but I can absolutely see the appeal. It’s a very capable and intelligent film that I think, at the very least, warrants a discussion.


(1991) The Addams Family

I laughed harder at the little kids play/blood scene than I have in years. You know when you start laughing and it just kind of grows maniacal? My stoned girlfriend was laughing along encouragingly at first while I heckled insatiably and begin to pour tears. I shit you not, the blood just keeps pouring out from these girls and I’m just laughing harder and harder. I realized I was just stoned and the laughter, or just shallow, breathless convulsions at this point, start to make me nervous as a physically couldn’t stop. If your girlfriend ever told you your laugh was cute, this was not one of those laughs.

I finally stop laughing and feel the post laugh endorphin rush. Realizing that’s the happiest I’ve been in months thankfully brought me back down to a comfortable, operational depression.

Awesome movie.


(2002) May

I can’t wipe the smile off my face, May is fucking incredible.

At it’s heart, it’s a deliciously quirky film meant to make you feel the full spectrum of cringe. The lead actress is wonderful, I haven’t seen someone fully encompass a role like that in a long time. I feel like not everyone can see that talent through the veil of a seemingly odd soundtrack and intentionally clunky storytelling.

That’s the craziness of it all though, it plays out at the speed of a 90’s romantic comedy but yeah, I don’t even know what I’m talking about. It’s probably not as good as I think it is. I don’t even give a shit though, I found it to be so original, creepy and funny.