(2017) Mayhem

It’s very easy to compare Mayhem to this year’s other office-building bloodbath, The Belko Experiment and I can assure you, this one is better. After The Babysitter, Samara Weaving has my attention and Steven Yeun is great as well.

I really don’t have too much to say about this one besides, it’s super brutal, entertaining and doesn’t take itself seriously. The production value is tight and there isn’t some big message being pushed, more like an outlet for some sick vicariously enjoyed fantasies.

I just wanted to add that I really don’t feel like this film is trying to overstay its welcome in any fashion. I mean during the actual running time, as well as how it fits into the general horror catalogue. Where it lacks in being inventive, it makes up for in spades with a delightful, mindless break from my own existence.




(2016) Colossal

Colossal is like a bad Hancock, which is pretty bad since Hancock is a bad Hancock. Anne Hathaway is awful and Jason Sudeikis is actually really disingenuous too.

I just don’t like Anne because of her face so my complaints there could be null for some but I’m actually a fan of Jason and this film, unfortunately, really showed how one note of an actor he really is. When he attempts to sob it’s just god awful.

Mostly though, like the Hancock reference, it’s just the unnatural injection of conflict that really shits on everything. I mean I didn’t actually expect the initial intriguing idea to evolve into anything close to meaningful but the metaphors in this were so heavy handed, they might as well have been fisted up my asshole. I can actually feel Jason’s fingers up there, writhing around with that trademark smile just saying, “yeah? you get it, right?”

It’s so tonally disconnected that I can’t fathom it being considered as horror but I heard about it on r/horror and that’s why it’s here, which is fine by the way.


(1991) Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare

I’m happy that nothing is dialed back this late in the series in terms of effects (they at least went for it) but most of the kills just felt corny and dated.

They did give a little bit more background on Freddy, as well as having somewhat of a conclusion but I can’t say it left me satisfied. It’s definitely a horror comedy but one that’s not necessarily funny.

I don’t know, I don’t really like it.


(2017) Ingrid Goes West

I never thought I would enjoy this film and I certainly never thought I would be blogging about it here. Despite being labeled as a comedy/drama (which it is), it also very much blurs the lines into black comedy and horror.

I want to start out by saying I had lost hope for Aubrey Plaza, I just never thought she was a good actress. Part of this was probably her infuriating character in Parks and Recreation but I’m sure I saw her in some other bullshit as well. I can assure you though, both for fans and people that dislike her, she rocks the shit in this movie. I mean her performance is seriously excellent. It’s creepy, uncomfortable and erratically emotionally.

The supporting roles are all filled by quality actors as well. Each character seems to be comprised of different amount of bullshit and that’s really what this film is about. It examines identity crisis in a predatory light and it can sometimes seem all too real.

Anyways, I’m not posting here to examine the social media aspects in detail. I just wanted to give horror fans a heads up that this one is really creepy and would definitely appeal to you.



(2017) The Babysitter

I really can’t believe how good this film ended up being.

I found it absolutely hilarious, like rolling laughter the entire time. Incredibly punchy and crude, this script just tosses up 3-pointers and seems to swish every single one. I’ve seen a few people say it tries to hard and I agree, it tries way too hard by todays standards. For that, we end up with an everlasting project, ready to be re-watched every October, securing that sacred spot among other elites.

On a technical level it’s such a breath of fresh air. The camera work is absolute perfection. They managed to capture some genuinely tense moments with these handheld almost POV shots but without it feeling to chaotic or sickening. It just added an overall quality that I would never expect from this type of film.

While dismantling slasher clich├ęs has become the norm for quality horror comedies in the past few years, McG really makes every little twist trick you in such a genuine way. It’s a portion of the film I don’t find genius but is nevertheless, an effort I really appreciate.

Check this one out on Netflix right now and I mean right now.



(2016) Better Watch Out

Better Watch Out is the first original home invasion film I’ve seen in the past decade and one of the better ones I’ve seen period. It’s listed as a horror comedy but I think, given the other films in that category, that genre placing could seem misleading. It’s a perfectly balanced horror film that, while containing some very dark comedy, still remains really fucked up.

Levi Miller and Ed Oxenbould are truly the perfect child acting pair. Levi’s performance is exceptionally stand out, mostly in the sense that he was able to convey an aura of seriousness that I rarely get from child actors.

It’s almost impossible to say anything else without spoiling the movie. Grab some popcorn and curl up to watch this one on a cold night. It’s instantly become one of my holiday favorites.



(2004) Seed of Chucky

The first thing my girlfriend said when this movie ended was, “How would you even review something like this?”. That’s the thing about a great Chucky film, they’re not easy to determine.

First off, the Child’s Play films are absolutely, totally conscientious comedies but they also attempt to be legitimate horror films as well, which is where they usually fail. I think Child’s Play 3 was the worst offender of the latter and Bride of Chucky, the most triumphant of the former.

Seed of Chucky is incredibly enjoyable but the laughs are split almost 50:50 between legitimately hilarious and absolutely retarded. It’s a bad movie, I love it, but it’s a bad movie.

Anyways, that’s all I have for you, J Tillz, Redman, stuff, things and yeah, alright.