(1963) The Comedy of Terrors

This was super outdated and slapstick. I really just can’t see this ever getting the actual praise it deserves due to the star-power.

I’m not really digging it.



(1993) The Eight Immortals Restaurant: The Untold Story

Given the films relative obscurity, as well as the physical quality of the copy I watched, this was so much better than expected.

It’s a crime film that chugs along as most do, except it delightfully derails into pure horror carnage. The intense gore is balanced out by some subtle campy humor throughout but all-in-all, you’re really in it for the shocks with this one and they tend to hit hard.


(1930) L’Age d’Or

I sort of got lost in this film but somehow came out of the other side having a pretty strong opinion on it.

It’s very much one of the earliest, full-length, surrealist films and with that comes the usual loose narrative that can be hard to follow. When I say hard to follow, it’s probably because it wasn’t meant to be “followed”. I digested this film as sort of an anthology of poignant criticisms by the filmmakers and Dali. The last segment, especially with the scream, was obviously the most shocking.

As a whole, you’re not going to get any of the ultra-weird surrealist visuals but the general strangeness and introduction to the sort, is very much here. That’s a lot of what makes this film special, it’s really an important part of film history.

It’s short but not the easiest watch, however, I think big Lynch fans should check out where this style originated (partially) from.


(1971) The Abominable Dr. Phibes

Pretty campy little Vincent Price flick that’s really enjoyable throughout. It’s a solid story that melds together horror and black comedy very well.

Dude, seriously though, did Saw ripoff this movie? That last scene was straight out of Jigsaw’s playbook, seriously awesome stuff.


(2014) Zombeavers

I can confidently say this movie is being underrated as fuck. It knows exactly what it is and that’s a spectacular horror-comedy romp.

The title honestly tells you everything you need to know but I’ll just note that this movie is actually funny. Not only that, effects range from legitimately awesome to hilariously over-the-top.

I love Zombeavers!


(2013) The Thingy: Confessions of a Teenage Placenta

This movie is seriously so fucking funny and clever. It’s so out of bounds but nothing like some of the “I’m so random” films that have been made recently.

The creature design, as well as the practical effects both rock and the complete ambivalence of the cast to the absurdity was the best part. It’s dynamic, violent and original; a total throwback monument to the 80’s.

However, 1/5 of every fucking frame was blurry. I literally took of my glasses 6 times to make sure. What the fuck is this shit? How can you ruin a movie like this?

Please fix it.



(2017) Dead Shack

This was a pretty funny horror-comedy but I felt it was kind of suffering from a common problem with indie flicks. It’s this odd timing of dialogue that never feels natural. The only way I could describe it would be to say they cram an extra second (or less) between speech exchanges. It’s odd.

The dad character was so fucking funny though, for that reason alone I’d say it’s worth a watch. It’s nothing spectacular but whatever.