(2007) Funny Games

I really don’t even know what to say right now. I guess just refer to my review for the original version. This is almost a shot-for-shot remake with American actors. I’ve actually never seen so little change in a re-made film. I guess that’s partially due to the original director doing it.

It’s good though, just like the original. I’m going to knock it down a point points because we’ve seen this shit and yeah, I don’t even really know. You can’t just remake your own film and expect the same recognition and reaction from anyone who has seen the original work.

I’m not mad nor am I excited; I feel nothing.



(1997) Funny Games

This is simply one of the best home invasion films in existence. It makes a very blunt point about why we watch these films and what we want out of them. It also doesn’t hurt that it does so in a confounding and suspenseful way, that it almost ruins the future films that follow in its footsteps.

The villains are so pure to the horror genre. They’re completely void of any traditional motivations like greed or revenger. This film is an exercise in sadism and personally, when the motivation is just to simply hurt, that makes a film much scarier.

It’s really interesting and there’s plenty more to talk about but half the fun is being surprised, so jump right in.




(1981) Ms. 45

I’ve been a fan of Abel Ferrara ever since I saw Driller Killer (his first feature I believe), which had the same really nice aesthetic. Ms. 45 however, packs way more of a punch and I’d go so far as to say it’s a quintessential exploitation film.

It’s of course a great revenge film as well but I lean my discussion more towards exploitation as it’s much more of a statement on woman’s fear of men. Plus as the lead is a mute, there’s an obvious connection to another great film of similar nature, Repulsion.

It’s a cruel and odd film that really comes as a tight package. There’s really zero downtime from the conflicts inception towards the stunning finale.

Zoe Lund is also incredibly sexy in that red lipstick.


(2010) A Nightmare on Elm Street

I get why longtime fans of the series don’t like this film and I’m not even saying I like it either. The new Freddy fucking sucks. He sucks, there’s no argument to be made in my mind, Robert England is Freddy and anyone else is a downgrade. It’s also just typical studio fuckshit to change the look of an iconic serial killer.

All the practical effects are also almost entirely switched out with CGI. I didn’t hate some of the idea they had but the execution with CGI felt like bastardization of the series.

Even Rooney Mara isn’t all that strong here which kind of solidifies the cheesy script in my mind. I believe both her and Kyle Gallner have plenty of talent but none of that matters when you’re spewing awful dialogue.

There is one great thing about this film though and that’s that it approaches Freddy being a goddamn child rapist in a very direct and creepy way. It might seem strange to say but none of the other films really delve into this, just look back on them. It’s strange too because it’s the most terrifying aspect of Freddy. Well, that and being able to mutilate you in your dreams.

There’s also a couple great kills as well. There really isn’t anything I feel “meh” about. I either love or hate everything about this film and yeah, that’s what it is.


(2017) 1922

I’m really into the idea of adapting novellas. It’s a great base for horror and filmmakers can really strip apart an idea for the creepy details.

1922 is pretty straightforward but the punchline isn’t exactly spoon fed. It’s a film about guilt and more specifically, inescapable guilt.

Thomas Jane is really the highlight of the entire movie. His performance absolutely blew me away. I truly had no idea he was capable of this caliber acting. Its this performance that really kept the candle burning when the pace slowed down.

I really dug this one but the coffee hasn’t kicked in quite yet and I’m having difficultly formulating my thoughts.


(2017) Brawl in Cell Block 99

I loved Vince Vaughn in this and it was filmed in the same ultra-violent, ultra…like…you know, that kind of- Have you ever watched 60fps porn? It’s that kind of filmmaking where you’re taken out of the moment a bit to admire the camerawork while also being even more engaged, if that makes sense.

I just loved it, incredibly brutal. If you dug the actually filmmaking from the directors other film, Bone Tomahawk, you’ll love this.


(2016) Cold Moon

This cocksucker came out of nowhere with such an interesting, random cast and crew. It’s a totally solid ghost story though that has excellent cinematography. I seriously mean that, this film looks fucking fantastic.

The special effects for the most part, are pretty great. They’re boosted up by a loud, booming (original?) score and even the overly CGI moments don’t detract from the quality much.

It wasn’t an entirely difficult role to play but I thought Josh Stewart did his character justice.

Besides Josh, the quality of acting tended to take a dip. There were some really awkward moments of dialogue unfortunately. Not enough to ruin the film or anything but you know, just kind of, eh.

I still dug it as a whole, really solid stuff.