(1972) Morgiana

Super Psychedelic and visually appeasing. Morgiana is a fantastic intro in Czech horror.

I loved the fly-on-the-wall camera angles and it led to some of the creepiest scenes in a horror film to date.

I highly recommend this one to literally everyone who’s into psychedelic horror and story driven horror. I’m sort of blown away.



(1954) Dial M for Murder

I’ve heard these types of Hitchcock films described as stage thrillers and I feel like that’s a good description for his murder mysteries that more-or-less take place all in one room. The film I’d easiest compare this to is his earlier film, Rope.

While I preferred Rope simply for its darker tone, Dial M for Murder still has its place in the Hitchcock filmography (obviously). Grace Kelly is a great on screen presence and I actually enjoyed the inspector, John Williams quite a bit as well.

Overall, nothing that I found personally compelling but it’s a solid play adaptation and general murder mystery. It’s also worth noting that the color film itself looks pretty great.


(1931) M

Not only is this just an incredible, nearly perfectly made film on just a technical level. It has so much more depth than almost any other film that I’ve seen thus far from this decade.

I feel like I, myself, never realized how far back people have been recognizing mental illness. I don’t mean in the specific and complex clinical sense, but more so, just in the obvious sense, certain displays that appeal to our natural, compassionate nature. Of course, in this film you do see the antithesis of that at times but really only to highlight the importance of law, reason and justice.

Absolutely fantastic film and a staple in the horror genre with really the first truly dynamic killer that comes to mind.


(2017) Jigsaw

Saw was a really good film and so was Saw 2. The rest of the series is what I would best describe as competent shlock. It’s just the same shit over and over, which is fine if you just want to see people get fucked up. Jigsaw seriously isn’t a bad Saw movie but it’s still just a saw movie.

Jigsaw nails a lot of what made the original first few films great but still manages to feel sort of stale in retrospect, despite actually being pretty entertained by it. They combine all of the creative gore from previous films, along with the classic, clever misdirect. However, we’ve still seen all of this before, so how high can I even praise it?

For fans of the series, definitely check this one out, it’s certainly not a shit-pile. If you’re not dying to go see it though, see the director’s other film Predestination, it’s much better.


(1951) Strangers on a Train

This is such a fantastic crime thriller and I absolutely loved the character Bruno Antony. It added such a fantastic creepy element seeing this seemingly desperate man reveal himself to be something entirely different.

The photography direction was great too. Every scene showing Bruno in the background was super creepy and framed perfectly.

The ending is remarkably impressive, some of the best effects out of the early 50’s, period. I’d love to know how the fuck they pulled that one off.

Oh, this is also the perfect popcorn movie for a date night. It’s compelling but at the same time, linear, fun and easy to digest.


(2017) Super Dark Times

This film doesn’t reinvent any genres but what it does, it does so well. Much like some of my favorite Stephen King adaptations, it connected to me first a foremost on its portrayal of childhood. It was eerily similar to shit I’d do with my friends back in the day. By that, I mean we all watched blurry porn too. Remember blurry porn you spoiled millennial fucks?

Towards the end of the film, while characters are seemingly acting out of any realm of reasonable prediction, their instincts, frame-by-frame, display a sort of raw and flawed, youthful expression. That’s the dumbest and possibly most pretentious sentence I’ve ever written but I don’t know how else to explain it.

It was thrilling. It attempted to thrill and it thrilled. I’ve been thrilled by this thrilling experience.


(1993) Run and Kill

This is a really solid Hong Kong gang thriller that, while cheesy and funny, is also extremely brutal.

The film’s pacing is really its best aspect, getting steadily more violent and less funny as it progresses. Coupled with a pretty great score, I’d definitely recommend this to someone looking for a violent thriller.