(1959) A Bucket of Blood

This is such an awesome Corman film. It’s pure entertainment and just an excellent horror-comedy. Dick Miller is a great lead.

Also, I’ll say it every time but this short length format works so well.



(1969) Cremator

This film is essentially a fictional tale of Hitler’s decent into madness and it’s downright horrific.

I read the plot and assumed it would try and shock through explicit images and sequences. It actually gets under your skin just from the camerawork itself. It’s not the first film to utilize this type of extreme, oddly angled, claustrophobic close-up shots but it works well here. It’s something that really helped the plot move forward while also sort of giving me vertigo.

It’s a great film.


(2000) Vulgar

This was recommended by Kevin Smith and you can find his usual gang starring in it. Fans of Clerks may want to check it out simply for the very early performances of Brian O’Halloran and Jason Mewes.

Brian O’Halloran isn’t a good actor and that’s partly what makes Clerks work. He’s just a regular, average dude.

This film is pretty vapid. I mean even beyond the freshman film-school level filmmaking, it’s just not interesting. If you’re going to make an exploitation film, the important scenes really have to pop in an interesting way. I think it’s a film that does get stronger towards the end but as a whole package, I’m going to have to say thumbs down.


(1993) The Eight Immortals Restaurant: The Untold Story

Given the films relative obscurity, as well as the physical quality of the copy I watched, this was so much better than expected.

It’s a crime film that chugs along as most do, except it delightfully derails into pure horror carnage. The intense gore is balanced out by some subtle campy humor throughout but all-in-all, you’re really in it for the shocks with this one and they tend to hit hard.


(2008) Four Nights with Anna

This film had to have inspired one of my favorite films of all time, Sleep Tight. I feel like that film really built a luxury tower on top of this film’s foundation. While I like the Sleep Tight more, I can fully appreciate what Jerzy Skolimowski did with this film.

Four Nights with Anna really manages to cast an aura of innocence around a really fucked up scenario. I think given all its minimalism and tedious nature, this is the most profound thing about the film.

It’s strange but I really enjoyed it.


(1987) Near Dark

Kathryn Bigelow is such a versatile director. It’s hard to believe this is the same woman who directed The Hurt Locker but then again, she doesn’t shy from explosions.

Near Dark is just awesome. These vampires are the outlaws of the 80’s. It initially has a very similar vibe to The Lost Boys but adds a ton more grit. The effects are all incredible and really just continue to amplify all the way until the finale.

It’s a great vampire film.