(2006) The Host

A lot of the humor in The Host┬ádidn’t particularly appeal to me as I thought the overarching drama kind of weighed that down. I recognize it as somewhat intentional but I’m writing many of these scenes off as awkward.

Some of the attempts at dark humor were in regards to how the father figure was dealing with grief. We have these really unforgiving family members that subsidize their morbid humor under the veil of 80’s style espionage gags. I think back to the scene where they’re all disguised, paying off the officer or whoever with a bag of coins and that scene just doesn’t tie into the rest of the films tone.

Another aspect I didn’t care for was the CGI monster. I’m not saying they skimped on the CGI but I was definitely not impressed. It rudely interjected the films beautiful photography and I just can’t forgive CGI water effects on top of naturally beautiful water effects.

One thing I did love was the films statement on Americans interjecting into foreign affairs. I thought it was both subtle and deliberate. In the copy I watched, after the brain procedure on one of the characters, the subtitles seemed to purposefully vanish during the translation scene and it was just amazing. The film follows up that with a few more clever jabs to make it a successful and also significant overarching theme.

Overall, I’d say The Host seems a bit jumbled to me personally but I can absolutely see the appeal. It’s a very capable and intelligent film that I think, at the very least, warrants a discussion.


(1935) Bride of Frankenstein

Hands down the best universal monster movie I’ve seen so far. I was straight drooling over those set pieces.

Boris Karloff is the only Monster in my mind. I would even consider this film to be family friendly as he’s the sweetest version of himself. There’s no really complex character development but The Monster is undoubtably more self aware which makes the entire film more engaging.

I don’t really have any complaints, it doesn’t get much better than this for horror in the 1930’s.


(1943) Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man

Alright, well, this wasn’t that great but I still love these universal monster set pieces. The special effects from this era are always entertaining, even though I know many feel the opposite.

I guess my biggest complaint would be The Monster. They were really missing Boris Karloff. This other guy really wasn’t impactive in the role.

Other than that, it’s just kind of a silly film. I think it’s meant to be fun but I enjoyed Son of Frankenstein way more.


(1939) Son of Frankenstein

I probably should have watched the original Frankenstein first but eh, what can you do? I totally dug this though! Of course there’s that 1930’s cheesy sci-fi but the film as a whole is very entertaining and the set pieces are incredible.

Boris Karloff is a great monster and sonically he really fills that role.

Shit I don’t really know what else to say about this one, I wish I had more knowledge of the previous films. I’ll leave it at this; it’s a very enjoyable, simple 1930’s horror. You’re not getting any mind-fuck type film but it’s a solid popcorn flick.


(2008) The Midnight Meat Train

I tossed this one on thinking it was a ebony gang bang video┬ábut it’s just a horror movie unfortunately. It’s based off a clive barker short story and it kind of feels like a short story in terms of substance.

The effects are really obnoxious, almost seems as if this was shot for 3D, which it very well may have been. The CGI just looks like garbage in general. It’s a shame because the practical effects looks pretty great.

I don’t have much else to say, pretty straightforward movie. Vinnie Jones is always solid, dude just looks the part of anyone evil. Bradley Cooper is good as well, pretty versatile actor in general. It’s pretty good, nothing great though.