(2003) Willard

The saga of Willard and Ben finally gets the treatment it deserves with Willard. It’s darkly whimsical, fluid, and engaging. Not to mention, a legendary performance by Crispin Glover.

It also just looks fantastic. The production is super tight and the memorably impressive visuals, inspired by the original, are elevated tenfold.

I loved it, fantastic film and I’m just in disbelief with Crispin Glover. He fucking killed this role.



(1972) Ben

I’m OBSESSED. I mean sure, the movie totally sucks but again, just like Willard, it’s also awesome.

The first thing I have to mention is just how fucking ridiculous this little kid is. Just the scenes where he’s singing are worth the watch alone. It’s truthfully not a terrible performance from a child actor but again, it’s also the worst performance of all time.

Oh my god, the “Ben’s Song” by Michael Jackson. I actually seized up when it started playing.

I love it.


(2014) Zombeavers

I can confidently say this movie is being underrated as fuck. It knows exactly what it is and that’s a spectacular horror-comedy romp.

The title honestly tells you everything you need to know but I’ll just note that this movie is actually funny. Not only that, effects range from legitimately awesome to hilariously over-the-top.

I love Zombeavers!


(1971) Willard

I feel like stumbling upon this series was so random but I watched Willard so I’d be ready to watch the sequel Ben, because that’s me! Much like the Ben in Willard, I’m also a greasy, basement dwelling rat.

The movie is totally fun and completely retarded. Actually, I take that back, it’s like 64% retarded. Everything is somewhat campy and just the overall premise is a bit silly.

Don’t get me wrong, I fully recommend this but as an actual, quality film…eh.


(2017) The Ritual

The Ritual, while offering a very simplistic message, is a bold and direct horror that teaches adults the importance of not being a fucking pussy.

I’m a big fan of David Bruckner, I love V/H/S and his short in the anthology film Southbound was the only one I enjoyed, but one I enjoyed immensely. I find his camera work to be engaging without using any nauseating effects. This film specifically, while containing its fair share of quick cuts, offers moments of stillness where you’re just frantically searching through the forest. I actually found those moments to be the most tense.

I don’t want to spoil the plot in any way by stylistically, the film does tease quite a bit but don’t fear, it absolutely delivers in the end. You’ll get your nut off so to speak.

I’ve tried not read anything but I did catch a few comments about the movie being just alright, with a lackluster ending. What the actual fuck? The ending is stupidly awesome. I don’t give shit if the message of the film is “don’t swim for 30 minutes after eating”. As long they do it like this, it’s a success in my mind.


(2017) The Shape of Water

While this film isn’t horror in the traditional sense, it’s clearly Guillermo del Toro’s passion piece inspired by The Creature from the Black Lagoon. Not to mention, it’s just a wonderful film in general.

Guillermo’s films usually share the common strength of just unbelievable set pieces that really place his movie in a universe of their own. The Shape of Water is no different with this punchy, slight steampunk-ish, retro look. It’s aesthetically pleasing and I just have no idea how it was pulled off on the small budget he was working with.

The story itself is a whimsical, romantic vision of the classic monster films of the 50’s. The character dynamics and ethical quandaries are classic but executed perfectly. Between the darker tones of Michael Shannon’s acting and slightly gory visuals, it really feels like a Disney movie crafted for adults.

I think Guillermo’s films really speak for themselves, even when they don’t feel quite right for me personally, I can’t help but have respect for his vision. This film is a piece of art and whether it’s accepted by the horror community or not, it deserves all the praise it’s getting.


(2017) Jeepers Creepers 3

Everyone seems super bummed out by this one but frankly, I’m surprised it even got made.

I don’t really have too much to say, it’s a b-movie released on TV. It’s like, cheesy-shitty. There’s tons of bad acting, storytelling and CGI.

There’s some cool shit too though and if you’re fiending for another glimpse of The Creeper, it might scratch the itch.