(2015) Insidious: Chapter 3

There’s a lot I love about this entry but there’s also a somewhat unappreciated silliness to it. I think it’s definitely the worst of the first three entries and I’d be surprised to hear anyone else think differently.

The film does a good job at putting the spotlight on Elise but the most important sequences for her characters development, also felt the cheesiest. There were several moments that reminded me of the ridiculousness of some of the later A¬†Nightmare on Elm Street¬†sequels. I’m also surprised it took me so long to mention that movie in regards to this franchise because “the further” really reminds me of Freddy’s dream world.

I also didn’t really appreciate the injection of modern teen tropes, the taking pictures of food, video chatting and really anything involving the social aspect of technology. I have no reasoning behind that, it’s just something that never sits well with me, maybe because it seems forced to appease a younger audience.

It’s a pretty good sequel but it has its issues.



Insidious: Chapter 2

This sequel is so interwoven with the first film that it’s difficult to picture it just being an afterthought for James Wan. Either way though, hats off to the man because it’s a great sequel and throughly entertaining.

Sound and visuals are really the only thing I wanted to express here. The film really looks fantastic and as the more of the lore is unveiled, we get to see a ton more footage from “the further”. Accompanying all the great visuals is just top notch sound. All the creeks, cracks and clicks are so pronounced; they really got under my skin.

I dig it, maybe you will too.



(2010) Insidious

This movie is just plain scary. James Wan is a special breed and his style and aesthetic can be felt a mile away. Not to mention, Patrick Wilson is slowly becoming the face of modern horror.

I fucking love Insidious. No bullshit, at times it reminded me of The Sinners of Hell (Jigoku). Obviously it’s super modern and way past all that shit but yeah, very dark and in your face.

It’s a pretty fucking great horror film and a prime example of why jump scares aren’t cheap.


(1972) Ben

I’m OBSESSED. I mean sure, the movie totally sucks but again, just like Willard, it’s also awesome.

The first thing I have to mention is just how fucking ridiculous this little kid is. Just the scenes where he’s singing are worth the watch alone. It’s truthfully not a terrible performance from a child actor but again, it’s also the worst performance of all time.

Oh my god, the “Ben’s Song” by Michael Jackson. I actually seized up when it started playing.

I love it.


(1985) Fright Night

This is seriously top-tier 1980’s horror entertainment. It’s that perfect alkalinity produced by balancing pure horror with comedy, ridiculous special effects, campy characters and impressively bold set designs.

It’s a film that competes among several other heavyweights in the same 80’s vamp/werwolf category but manages to stand out on its own. It really speaks for itself, go watch it.


(2011) Take Shelter

It’s a bit of a stretch to consider this film a horror film but the early portions, when much in unknown, contain a few chilling scenes that are seemingly horror incarnate.

Later on, you learn the true nature of the film and while it remains terrifying, that fear takes on a different form. Micheal Shannon’s acting breathes life to a separate entity within himself and really encapsulates a real-life scenario that a lot of people fear.

It’s a bold, triumphant film that dances with dreams and delusions in such a complex manner, it’s remarkable there were no missteps.