(1993) Return of the Living Dead 3

The entire special effects team undoubtedly got the thumbs up from Brian Yuzna on this one. It’s such a fantastic sequel to a series that seemed dedicated to devolve into ridiculousness.

If you’re a fan of body horror and over-the-top practical effects, this one is 100% for you.



(2012) The Battery

I was super surprised by this film, definitely indie but it held my attention better than most zombie apocalypse movies.

Jeremy Gardner was the best of this film, both in acting and directing. The more isolated he made it, the more I felt it succeeded.

I don’t know what else to say, this is a really smart movie. They took an overused idea and managed to craft an interesting series of moments. It’s full of realness, tension and revenge.

I really like this one and I love the artwork as well.



(2010) Rammbock

I thought this was pretty dumb. The grey aesthetic is about as boring and played out as everything else in the film.

I will say the actual mechanics of the virus in this film are interesting and I feel could be impactful in the hands of either a more experienced director or larger budget.

It’s not terrible, it’s just not good either.



(2017) Cargo

I really loved the transformation sequences and how they were executed. I can’t even remember the last zombie transformation that actually impressed me but the ones in Cargo are awesome.

Another thing I really enjoyed was the ending sequence, specifically the details. I probably shouldn’t have even begun to talk about this because I can’t explain anything else about it without dropping spoilers.

As an entire package though, this film is just one giant cliché. It’s just the same old, regurgitated, emotionally manipulative, apocalyptic zombie slow-burn. It brings almost nothing new to the table and yeah, I don’t really give a fuck about it.


(2014) Zombeavers

I can confidently say this movie is being underrated as fuck. It knows exactly what it is and that’s a spectacular horror-comedy romp.

The title honestly tells you everything you need to know but I’ll just note that this movie is actually funny. Not only that, effects range from legitimately awesome to hilariously over-the-top.

I love Zombeavers!


(2017) Ravenous

Painfully slow and unkempt, no one gives a shit about their own well being. The picture is overly saturated and most of all, I just don’t give a fuck. I HATE zombie movies right now. Like, I’m over fucking zombies. I’m pretty sure The Walking Dead, while it’s airing, should be an open message to how unoriginal anything zombie related is.

Those are my thoughts on this thing but if you choose to watch it, you should know it’s very well produced. The characters are real and intricate. The situations aren’t all that contrived and the entire scenario is a capable representation of a modern zombie apocalypse.

I still don’t give a fuck.