(2016) It Stains the Sands Red

I’m kind of just sitting here digesting this one as I’m working out this review and I have to say that despite a very b-movie opening, this one impressed me. I enjoyed the somewhat original concept on a tired sub-genre. It was successful on a technical level as well. I quite enjoyed the bright, slightly oversaturated picture.

Kind of like how I’m working out this review as I’m writing it, I got the sense that the filmmaker was kind of working out this movie as he made it. The setup in general is kind of shallow, basic and generic but whatever. As soon as we get into the meat of the film, I’m instantly impressed at how entertaining it is just to watch this girl bake out in the desert with a single zombie following her around. It’s commendable how seemingly natural the progression was within the dynamic relationship of our protagonist and zombie. I assumed this couldn’t be anything but boring but I was proven wrong.

At some point though, this film just runs out of gas. Other characters, albeit briefly, are introduced and the lack of talent really crop dusts this film. It’s not a total ruiner but despite the practical effects remaining high quality, I sort of just can’t seem to really care about the ending.

Definitely glad I watched this one and if the premise interests you, despite not thinking it’s a great film, I can still recommend this one. I believe it’s streaming on Amazon video right now, hopefully it’ll still be on there when this review goes up.



(2016) Here Alone

This is a solid film that I don’t think was necessarily needed by the horror community but I’m glad we received it. We’ve had this ultra-realistic, post apocalyptic microcosm film before and I can’t say I got anything entirely new out of Here Alone but rather, a much more in touch version of similar works.

I did appreciate the ending, I thought the specific details on film were gut wrenching. They also potentially represented the potential sacrifices of this fictional landscape better than previous films of the same genre.

It’s a definite slow burn but the subtleties in all three characters built three different dynamic personas to grow attached to.

I was concerned with the slow pacing of this film but sitting here digesting it, I realize there’s a lot of talent here and I’m looking forward to what this director does next.


(2016) The Girl with all the Gifts

This is definitely a slow burn and I think it will inevitably lose a lot of people during its tedious storytelling. It’s not a entirely new approach to zombie movies but I believe this film tackles the specific sub-genre with enough uniqueness to consider it a success.

I appreciated the focus on the contagion being the enemy as opposed to the zombies itself. That aspect of the film is both refreshing and told in a very believable sci-fi fashion.

Glenn Close put out a nice performance as did our young lead. I don’t have too much else to say about this one, really solid stuff and it’s streaming on Amazon Prime right now.


(2006) Fido

My girlfriend has seen this before so I told her I was watching it. When she asked how I liked it I said it was “charming”. That’s not a typical response from me but one that i feel accurately represents the film if you had to choose a word to describe it.

Fido is humorous and witty; while not making me laugh out loud a ton, it put a smile on my face. A lot of that is attributed to 1950’s suburbia but the film captures that era perfectly so why not praise it?

This movie kind of creates that instant universe that feels so well knows despite no background knowledge, much like The Addams Family. That’s such a remarkable quality in and of itself that the cover’s “instant classic” tagline doesn’t even seem all that silly.

If you’re just looking for a non-thinker, pure entertainment horror-comedy, look no further.


(2015) I Am a Hero

I Am a Hero was ultra intense and ultra fun. I think the modern era was destined to leave Fulci’s slow moving corpse zombies behind for a more vicious breed that filmmakers can experiment with. With that being said, I haven’t seen too much innovation in that department since Dawn of the Dead. The zombies in this movie are lively, original and aggressive.

This film is that breath of fresh ass that I needed. On it’s surface it just looks incredible and even the potentially overused amount of CGI was done with care. Once you peel apart those cheeks you really end up looking at a borderline cute story of a Manga writer living through one of his stories. Now I don’t know what Manga is because I’m not a fuccin nerd *flexes* but I got the idea¬†of it by the end.

All cute backstories aside, it’s easy to compare this film to Train to Busan, given that they’re both asian horror films, 2 hours long and peppered with emotional shit. Well boys, I’ll always side with the film that leans less towards drama and more towards horror so I Am a Hero is the clear winner for me. I think even with a less compelling script, it had 1000 times more life than Train to Busan.

Both movies are dope, awesome double feature.


(2016) Train to Busan

I think the hype was real on this one. It’s just a really excellent zombie film that balances tension with a heartfelt backbone.

I’m kind of chuckling because it’s a really good movie, even given its long running time but I have little to say about it.


Oh, there’s some cheesy special effects but they’re not too bad. It’s still a negative though.


(2009) [Rec] 2

The biggest thing that impressed me with this sequel is how seamlessly they integrated it in with the first film. It was honestly almost like they shot both movies back too back. This is perfect for a double feature.

As far as the meat and bones of this cocksucker go, it’s a lot more violent then the first. That’s almost necessary though since they’re basically just extending the original story. It’s much more action focused as the story evolves to become more in depth in terms of the supernatural.

Something that I picked up on but didn’t necessarily get hung up on was the characters likability. The new characters introduced really never make an attempt to stand out so it’s hard to feel any real connection to any one of the deaths that occur. I think it knocks the film down a half-peg but hey, it’s a sequel, what do you expect?

All-in-all, solid movie with awesome effects. I’d definitely say the first film is a prerequisite to watching this but both are really fast paced and easy to binge.